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Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Holy heck and bob.

Did this month go by fast or what?

Not sure where the time went but I'm actually super grateful to have one month of spring gone! 😅

A not favorite this month was the weather. 🌩☹️

Here today to chat about my six favorite things from the month of April.

Let's hit it.


I found these hair clips on Amazon and fell in love. Figured they would be the perfect spring time accessory to spruce up the hair a bit.

& bonus, they are actually pretty good quality, don't dig in, are strong and hold all of my hair well!

Check them out HERE.

Made THIS cute reel for my Instagram.

Speaking of which, if you're looking for more content, I post *almost* daily over there. @kirs10kay


I'm not sure I've ever loved a blush this much.

I just want to put it all over my face.

It seems to be a perfect color for my complexion, isn't overly pigmented, looks like happiness on the cheeks and actually lasts on the skin.

A total win.

Check it out HERE.


This is a nail polish I have frequented for many years.

A beautiful pale pink. I love it.

But lately, I can't take it off my nails.

Something about he subtle pink milky color has me swooning over my own hands.

You can usually get it at Walmart, but I will also link it HERE for you.


Ok, hear me out.

I found my new summer sleeping getup.

I have worn these tank tops under shirts for a couple years now, but recently I have been wearing them to bed. HERE they are for you.

& they are a fucking delight.

Especially for those big boobie girls.

They give the slightest support and are high necked and high on the armpit so you don't spill the girls out the top or sides while you're sleeping.

Now, that isn't really an issue for me (I don't give a damn if my stuff hangs out) but I know its important for some of you.

I just find them so damn comfortable to sleep in.

The tank top, a pair of oversized granny panties and some socks.

I know, I know.

Who wears socks to bed.

This girl. This girl does.

For two reasons : 1. my feet get cold & 2. I refuse to let my bare feet touch the nasty feet of my husbands.

Brutal, I know. But it's just like one of those things for me. Ya know?!


I can not even count how many years I've had my salt lamps.

My Grandma Judy bought me my first one when I was maybe 14...? So, about 20 years.

I use both of the ones I own daily every evening.

They are just so comforting and cozy.

It's almost as if I can't go to bed unless I've enjoyed their presence for at least a few minutes before tucking in.

It's become a wind down for me.

You can get them for a super reasonable price at Homegoods, but I will also link them HERE.


If you follow closely, you will know that I went back to Iowa recently.

I popped into Culvers to grab some new plants.

I chose three, but this guy...

This guy grabbed my attention so quickly.

It is a purple flush and every time I walk by her in my home I have to stop and touch it and tell her just how beautiful she is.

These are also called a string of bananas.

I can't get over it.

I don't know much about them, but am excited to see him grow new life in my home.

Looking for a name for it! Drop one in the comments below. (it has to be a location. ie: Memphis, Egypt, Singapore, etc.)