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Oh, Mexico.

You are golden.

Some sort of magic, you are.

I will never fully be able to describe my lust for you. Simply because enough words don't exist to truly depict how my heart and soul feel.

You bring me the upmost peace.

Take a peek at our Mexico adventures this year.

(There were not many because hubs decided it would be fun to get a sunburn our first full day, dismantling a few things we had planned.)

Not bitter about it.

Really, i'm not. Even if it sounds like it.

Everything happens for a reason.

& i'm grateful for all the R&R we were gifted because of it.

Here we go.

(If you're interested in where we go/stay and the precautions and extra steps you have to take during this time, it will be at the end.)

Here we go.

Masks on planes, suck. But we experienced first class for the first time on this trip. So that was groovy!

Also, these masks made it a bit easier. They are linen. Very easy to breathe in. & the straps don't suck. Here is the link if you are interested.

We have arrived! Lunch at the beach bar. & look at my handsome date. I WIN!

It was soooo windy the day we arrived. Just for like an hour. We threw our stuff in the room, donned some swimwear and headed to sit under those palapas for a two hour beach nap. Don't @ me. We got up at 3AM.

We actually got super lucky this trip and ended up with a two bedroom, two bathroom ocean view room. & at the end of the hotel where it's quiet. Just like we like it! :)

Home for the week!

We spent the first day doing absolutely nothing but laying on the beach. I didn't even read! We just shut off and listened to the ocean and the breeze. & Keith got fried. I'm going to save you the photos so I don't get in trouble. Just imagine a lobster, shedding skin and swollen ankles & feet to the point where he couldn't get his shoes on. Okay, one photo. This is all you get.

Cool towels, aloe, Advil and magnesium for the win. I AM SUCH A GOOD WIFE.

Meanwhile, my POV was incredible!

Day two rolled around and we had the opportunity to go see some of the kiddos that we met at the school we helped at in Mezcales last year. Unfortunately because of COVID, they have been out of school since the pandemic started and unsure of when they will be going back. Most public schools have been closed through it all. A sad situation, but it was so nice to see one of the families and gift them some things and help them financially.

My heart was full after seeing and hugging them. Already miss them.

That evening we made our first trip to Bucerias (our favorite costal town). We just ate at the street taco stand on the square and only managed to get one photo.

Morning vibes are always better in the palms. Loved having this massive wrap around porch.

I got Keith out on the bikes the next morning to get some of the fluid moving in his legs. & to hit the other side of the marina for the juice shop. This girl needed some celery juice. If you know, you know.