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Here we are.

Another month of favorites.

Full of good ones this month.

Don't sleep on these.

If you are unfamiliar with this series, no worries.

I just started it last month so you are not too far behind!

I talk about my six favorite things of the month.

Let's get started.

JUNE 2021


Yep, you read that right.

It has without a doubt become my favorite thing of the month.

I love the sun. Worship it. (While being sun safe.)

I can not explain how happy every cell in my body feels when she is out showing us her beauty. (I'm sure many of you feel the same way.)

She is majestic, beautiful, calming and energizing.

There is a reason your animals seek it out within your home, friends.

The sun is so full of energy and life. Use her.

Remember, nature needs her to sustain life.

You are nature.

Anyway. It is very common for me to grab a book, my computer, my earbuds or nothing and spend an hour bathing in her glory when she comes out to play.

I did it at the Iowa farm house all the time.

But here it feels so different

Since it is so private where I live now, I can enjoy it naked.

On my back porch alone.

No distractions.

Nobody coming to disrupt my hour of bliss.

It is pure magic.

& if you have never spent any time outside naked, you are missing out.

(Also, it kind've blows my mind to know that there are people in the world that haven't skinny dipped. BLOWS. MY. DAMN. MIND. Please, enjoy your life and don't take it too seriously.)

Be free, my friends.


We suck at this.

We are actively trying to get better.

Every time we do it, we enjoy ourselves so much.

But it's so damn hard to peel ourselves from our safe, comfortable little home.

We love it, our kitties, the things in it. I like to cook. We like pajamas and nudity.

Most of those things require home. haha.

So, yes. It is hard to peel ourselves away from our favorite place.

But cheers to us doing our best to keep it up.

Because every time we do, we enjoy ourselves.

This month we went to find Keith some farm clothes.

I tried getting him naked in this dressing room and he declined. (very upstanding citizen, he is. a real good boy. 😜)

After, we headed off to a local Thai restaurant.

The air conditioner was broken and it was 95 degrees inside.


& we were about to eat hot food.

But let me tell you, it was so worth it.

The conversation was good, the food was great and the view (of Keith ) was my favorite.

Cheers to getting out for more date nights.

& I have to make a recommendation. If that is a regular thing for you, try cooking together at home and making that your date night.

Switch it up.

Make your own fun.

We real cute.


Okay, I can't even express how relaxing this garden journey has been.

You would think it would be stressful.

Battling animals, insects, weeding, harvesting, watering, etc.


First of all, I went into this whole garden thing last year with the motto, "if I get some food, I get food. If I don't, I don't." I was not dead set on it being an epic part of my life. I figured it would be fun and something I could enjoy but had very few expectations.

But it has turned out to be such a glorious journey.

I have enjoyed every part of it.

Even the bugs.

Because I get to find out what naturally works to piss those suckers off and keep my food safe.

Seeing the growth and abundant production after dedicating hours upon hours to caring for it has been so rewarding.

I love waking up in the morning and heading outside be one with my garden for 30 minutes.

I sing to my plants, water them, weed them, admire them and am grateful every day for the bountiful harvest I get to bring within the walls of my home and enjoy.

It has been so lovely.