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Updated: Jul 26, 2022

& here we are again.

chitty chat chatting about some of my favorite things from the month. 😁

honestly, these are some of my favorite posts to write because I LOVE talking about things I love. ha.

let's hit it.


As many of you know, my broski (& Paige) moved to Phoenix in December of 2020 chasing their dreams. Pretty rad. & I'm a pretty proud sister. (I would say SIL too, but #1. they aren't married & #2. she doesn't feel like a SIL, just a sister.) She rocks my socks and there are not enough words in all the languages in the world to express how much she means to me. I love her.

But back to the trip.

Keith's first time in Arizona.

His exact words, "it's a lot more green than I was expecting."

I plan to write up a full blogpost about our trip, but just wanted to touch on it a bit.

We went flying with my grandpa Terry, spent the night at a high school friends place, I went shopping with Paige while Alan and Keith watched football. We just had a really nice time. & I'm so glad Keith FINALLY made it. & the weather was stellar while we were there.

A little sneak peek picture.

Me, Keith, Alan, Paige and grandpa Terry.

Self timer for the win.


Cozy warmth in a cup.

This stuff is incredible.

Trust me.

I get mine at Fresh Thyme, but you can get it HERE too.

Tea can be so tasteless.

I actually find it quite hard to find ones I REALLY like.

Which may seem strange to you because I'm always recommending new ones in these supersixes, but I try a lot of different ones. It's kind've a habit now.

This one is a win.

Full of flavor.

Subtle spicy warmth.

Give it a try





I can't lie. I tried this for the first time on October 30.

& just a couple gulps.

In fact, I removed a favorite from this post, just to add this in here.

It has been sitting in my fridge for months now.

Just waiting to be opened.

It has dairy and caffeine, so I guess I was kind've avoiding it.

But, we had some friends stop out on Saturday night and I offered her one.

& of course tried it myself.

& was completely blown away.


I can not recommend this to you enough.

I'm not even the biggest coffee fan.

I can't remember the last time I had any.

But this stuff is insane.


Do yourself a favor this week and go buy some.

It does have some caffeine in it, so even more reason to drink it earlier in the day. 🤪

It looks like this.


Um, hello.

What kind of a rock was I living under to not know how good Old Navy jeans were?!

Like I have obviously had better jeans in my life, but for the price you CAN NOT beat these.

Also, they don't have stupid designs on the butt pockets or super thick stitching.

They are just plain.

Plain Jane.

Just the way I like them.

I feel like they do run slightly large so sizing down is a recommendation I would make.

The slouchy straight and OG straight styles are my two favorites.

Find them HERE.

Also, wait for a sale. They always have them going on.


These things are great.

I've had them for like two years now, but just recently re-shopped my makeup stash and fell in love with them again.

I have three colors.

They go on evenly, stain the lips and barely need to be reapplied.

They don't dry the lips out either.

The color I am obsessed with currently is "Walk This Way".

You can find it HERE.

If you are looking for something easy that can get you hours of wear time through eating, drinking and just doing your thing, check these out.