I turned 34 on Wednesday.

I'm really grateful for another year of good health, but I would be lying if I said this year wasn't a bit rough.

Great too.

Because I'm here, living.

Enjoying the things that surround me.

& while I don't like to wish time away, I am utterly grateful for a new year.

Another 365 days to make it the best year yet.

Year 30 for me was a real banger.

One I annoyingly compare to my other years.

I sometimes get frustrated in the comparisons I make.

But to be 100% with you, that year was just incredible.


& from here on out, I exist in this state because of that year.

So, it's pretty magical.

It is always fun to take a look back on what my year was like and revel in the fact that it was indeed, a great year too.

So, let's hit it.

I enjoyed my first dip into dairy (after a three year break) on my 33 birthday.

Not a frequent thing for me, but it is nice to be able to finally enjoy it now and again.

Mint Cookies N' Cream for the win.

We started a compost.

My garden is going to THRIVE next summer!

My backordered stove finally made its way.


Spoiler alert....I LOVE IT!

I'm so grateful I have a handy man.

We made it to Wisconsin to one of my good friends wedding receptions.

(Poor thing, COVID threw up on her wedding plans.)

This is Brandi.

We met in South Dakota.

My life is better because Brandi is in it.

One of the truest friends I've ever had.

I hope you have a Brandi in your life.

Brandi, I love you. 😘

We tiled our mudroom, closet and hallway.

I am a tile queen.

Don't ask me to tile for you.

Took a little trip to see my bestie in North Carolina.

We have known each other since fourth grade!! 😳

She took me to the beach. 😁

Happy place.


Damn, I love her. 🥰

Keith and I had some visitors in November.

More friends from South Dakota, Maggie and David.

& now they are new parents.

& if I didn't know otherwise (not much privacy in our home) I would tell you they conceived sweet, little Zoë in our home.

But they didn't. Ha.

However, I do choose to believe that we allowed some top notch relaxation to allow those stress walls to come down and make things happen upon arriving home. 🤪

Hot dogs and s'mores, baby.

Keith managed to do some batman shit installing our ceiling fan.

My grandma ended up in the hospital in November.

& she wasn't well.

Of course, COVID was keeping us from being able to see her.

The goal was to get her O2 levels down enough to where she could go home and be put on hospice so we could see her and say goodbye.

So, we skipped Thanksgiving with family to stay away from germs (incase we had the opportunity to go see grandma).

I cooked my first every turkey and full Thanksgiving meal.

Was actually so much fun.

& may be a new tradition of ours.

It was so nice and relaxing.

We did slip some food over to our neighbor, Gary.

My handsome turkey carver.

Family holiday hangs.

We ended up losing grandma on December 7, 2020.

& it was hard.

It still is hard.

If you don't want to cry, don't watch this video.

It is raw & vulnerable and I'm all up in my feels.

Love you grandma. 💕

We split Christmas.

Christmas Eve in Iowa at my parents and Christmas Day in Missouri at Keith's parents..

I had fun making cookie boxes for everybody.

Our niece and nephew exhausted and frazzled by all the presents they had to open. (not from us, we put cash in their account for when they get older.)

Kristen came to visit!