It's summer, it's hot.

I have the perfect energy booster/fluid replenisher of your life.

When I was a young girl, I LIVED for popsicles. Loved everything about them. I could eat half a box in a day. It was much later in life that I realized why my body wanted so many of them. They were constantly dehydrating me from the unnatural sugars packed within them.

Fast-forward many years later and I developed POTS. A neurological condition that caused me many issues ranging from an extremely high resting heart rate to the inability to urinate at times. (For more on my issues with that, click HERE.)

Then I discovered the healing benefits of melons.

& came up with this recipe.

I have made this as my afternoon snack for nearly a month now and it leaves me feeling so good.

Also a great post-workout treat; it will keep the sore muscles away.


1/2 watermelon

5 fresh bail leaves

Lime, juiced

Ice, 5-7 cubes


1. Cut watermelon in half and place the meat of the fruit in a blender with basil, lime and ice.

2. Blend and enjoy!


- Eating melon = IV nutrient therapy

- Melons bind to poisons within our body flushing them out.

- Melon has a high electrolyte content which protects our nervous system from stress related activity.

(Hi POTS & Adrenal Fatigue friends! Eat your melon! It is the natural Gatorade!)

- Melon is a natural blood thinner.

- Melon is the closest liquid, content wise to our blood making it the most hydrating food you can


- Melon is high in silica which helps restore ligaments, joints, and connective tissues. (Hello EDS

friends! Eat melon!)

- Melon is one of the most powerful glucose balancers.

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